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Past Life Regression

galaxy depicting Past Life Hypnosis
Who Was I Then .....
And Who Am I Now?

Many people believe that who you may have been in a past life effects who you are today.  This Virginia Beach business is dedicated to exploring the metaphysical through Past Life Regression, and Life in Between Lives, using Hypnotherapy. In addition to Past Life Regression and Life in Between Lives, other sessions are available to help you get in touch with your Higher Self, connect with your Spirt Guide, explore Out of Body Experiences, and Attract Abundance along with more traditional hypnotherapy sessions.

There are those who believe adamantly that they lived a past life, those who are skeptical but open to the possibility, and there are others whose life view does not allow for the possibility of past lives. Personally, I don't know if the lives my clients are describing are true past / future lives, or if their subconscious mind, which is a creative and powerful force within each of us, is creating a metaphor designed for learning, growing and even healing. I can't say where these powerful experiences are coming from - maybe even a universal consciousness that some of us are able to tap into to a greater or lesser degree. What I do know is that regardless of my beliefs or my client's beliefs, these experiences are vivid, powerful, meaningful and healing. If you allow yourself to be open to the experience, you will find that this experience will provide you with new insights and knowledge about yourself and our world, although often the a-ha moments don't occur until after you've had a few hours or days to process and integrate the experience. You owe it to yourself to be open to the possibilities and I would be honored to be your guide on the journey.

Read Past Life Experiences as relayed to my by clients during hypnotherapy here.

 For more information, please see my website pastlifebetweenlivesvb.com, which is dedicated to the topics of Past Life Regression and Life in Between Lives.

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