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Weight Loss

Let's face it - weight loss isn't easy. But I have good news for you! I have attended two workshops on losing weight through hypnotherapy and have done plenty of my own research, so I have the tools to help you reach your goals.

A New Leaf Hypnosis is offering traditional, customized, individual sessions for weight management. All sessions are individual and will be focused on behavior modification, overcoming bad habits and increasing motivation through the powerful use of hypnotherapy and NLP. We simply help you make the healthiest possible choices in your everyday life in order to help you work with your body to achieve the results you want.Instead of focusing energy on outside efforts - trying to get to the gym or sticking to a diet plan - why not try something different?

The real change has to start from within, and that's where hypnotherapy comes in. A trained hypnotist can make suggestions which go straight into their client's subconscious, and therefore straight to the heart of the problem. Here at A New Leaf, we take a systematic approach to address unhealthy eating behaviors and to uncover the emotions which may be the "hidden" source of the problem. But we also realize that each person is a unique individual and we our intake form along with your free consultation will help us work together with you to craft the right approach for you.

Most weight loss clients will require 5 to 10 sessions, but of course the number of sessions will vary from person to person and there is never an obligation to commit to a certain number of sessions, although there are discounts for signing up for multiple sessions.

 In your customized program, you'll learn to :

* Overcome common weight-loss roadblocks

* Promote a kinder self-image as you learn to take better care of yourself,

* Reduce daily stress levels

* Overcome your cravings

* Increase your self-confidence

Your program will include informative handouts with insightful weight management information as well as a 50 minute visualization mp3 recording to be listened to at bedtime ($35 value).

Call or text 757-514-1415 to schedule your free phone or Zoom consultation or even your first session so that together we can choose the right approach for you.

Ready to make your appointment? Grab the appropriate intake form here, check out our availability here and fill out the form below requesting your appointment. You'll hear back from me within 48 hours.

Call or text 757-514-1415 or use my contact form, to schedule your free phone consultation so that together we can discuss how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you achieve your goals.
If you are inquiring about help with Fear / Panic/Anxiety issues, the Virtual Gastric Band protocol or Smoking Cessation, I offer free in office or Zoom consultations in addition to or instead of a phone consultation.

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