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I love my clients!  Thank you all. Please read their testimonials below.

I Love My Clients

"I've got to tell you this.  Last night after I listened to your recording I felt really great.  I felt like myself again.  I love your recording.  Your voice really is amazing for calming and for visualization.  I think you are amazing!"


“In June I came to you to stop smoking and it worked wonderfully.  2 years, 8 months and still not smoking.”


I would like to share my wonderful personal experience with Haven.

I first met Haven after finding a flyer in my local fitness center for a “hypnosis for weight loss” sessions. I called and scheduled an appointment right away, because I had a life long struggle with overeating and sugar addiction. On the very first hypnotic session I was able to find out why I was eating all this sugar and realized that the reasons I started as a child are no longer present and I could cut free. The results came immediately and I lost the desire to stuff my face with sugar. This occurred about year ago and today I am on low carb eating plan and never felt better. I lost all excessive weight and my cravings are gone for good.

I continue to see Haven regularly to learn more about my “Inner Me” and I have an exceptional experience every time. She made me feel very comfortable the first time I met her and today I fully trust her abilities. Since my first visit, my husband and a few of my friends became her clients and they are also very happy with their experiences.

Give yourself a present of a hypnosis session with Haven and you will become her regular too!


I completed the Virtual Gastric Band protocol and as a result I feel I am eating less without struggling. I don't feel like I'm missing out. I find myself naturally stopping eating when I'm satisfied. Additionally, I'm definitely sleeping better.

Haven has a pleasant and encouraging demeanor and it feels as if what choose her instead of the other way around. I strongly recommend Haven.

Angela C, Nurse Practitioner

“I want to thank you once again for an excellent hypnotherapy session yesterday. I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to the next one. “


"Very personal and professional. Haven has the client's best interests' in mind and will go over and above, I highly recommend anyone with an open mind to A New Leaf Hypnosis!"

~~Matt B

 “Thank you so much for today!  … I am still struggling ….. but the sadness about it is much less. I believe the session is responsible for that and I am very grateful! 🙂  I look forward to working on the other issue next session. 🙂 “


I am writing to give Haven Benjamin my highest recommendations.

A few days ago I had my first and amazing hypnosis session with Haven. I got inspired to do it after I read the books of Dr. Brian Weiss. My friend was seeing Susan already and had very nice experience.

On my first contact with Haven on the phone I got the impression of calm, gentle, serene personality. Sending me the necessary information, forms and availability was prompt and convenient. During the beginning of the session it was so easy to talk to Susan for pretty much anything; even though I was so tired from long stressful day and a little nervous if I am going to be able to relax enough.

Haven explained the procedure, made me feel very comfortable and the session began.

When finished Haven asked me how long I thought it lasted. I still can swear no more than 30 minutes. However the clock showed that I have been there for an hour and an half. Haven had the skill and patience to do whatever was necessary so I can have a fulfilling experience and that it was. The stress of the day was gone; my muscles felt like being melted and I had these fascinating images of past memory that were remarkable. I don’t think I would have been able to see anything without Susan guiding me so skillfully.

Thank you Haven for your professionalism, expertise and personal touch!

I look forward for many more sessions like that.

~~Stoyanka Andreeva (Tanya)

“I've struggled with compulsive overeating, bulimia, and restrictive tendencies for most of my adolescence. …after seeing Haven for just four sessions, I saw a direct impact in my eating. I didn't feel the need to wolf down my food or stuff myself until I felt sick.  Before I was put in the hypnotic state, I was informed of exactly what was going on, Haven sent me prep materials and checked that I was comfortable along every step of the way. She made me feel safe and secure in what can be a nervous environment: meeting someone new and allowing them to see you in a vulnerable state.  This hypnosis was very successful for me, and I intend to keep coming back!  I would definitely recommend to others.”


“Just a note to let you know everything went as planned today.  I was very calm, thanks to you and the hypnotic preparation.  Thanks again for your help and I’ll be in touch.”


“I found Haven through the Internet - What a blessing. I was struggling with a fear of being a passenger in the car. I felt so out of control and my body was filled with adrenaline several times every time I would ride in the car. I worked with Haven once and now feel so much more relaxed!”


“Quiet and enjoyable.  Very different from my everyday life.  Thank you.


I love my time with Haven. I feel like hypnosis has given me a new outlet to control my eating habits. I approach my food decisions with a healthy outlook, with a positive approach. I feed my body like an engine with good fuel. Not only has hypnosis help guide me with my food habits, but I have found the process to be very enjoyable and incredibly relaxing. After each session I am rested and feeling centered, renewed and focused.


"Haven Benjamin is the best!  Her commitment, care and concern for her clients is very obvious and genuine.  I have been seeing her for the Virtual Gastric Band procedure and its amazing how well this works.  After each session I feel confident and very relaxed.  My first session worked so well that I truly felt as though this process was going to work so much better than anything I have ever tried to lose weight.  And it is!  I highly recommend Haven for Gastric Band and any other hypnotherapy needs you might have.  She is truly a highly motivated, highly competent, very caring professional."

~~ Geoffrey


"I am still so pleased with the results of my "no chocolate" session. I still have had no cravings or desire for chocolate!!! Thank you again!"


"Haven, I wanted to tell you I slept great last night.  Fell right to sleep, woke at 1:00 but fell right back to sleep.  Haven’t done that in the past year.  Very excited to have the same experience tonight!!

Thank you for helping me.  I may be back in touch to come in again."



"When I walked into A New Leaf Hypnosis, I didn’t know what to expect. When I met Haven, I immediately felt relaxed and calm. She is one of the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever met! I admit, I was skeptical but I had been a smoker for over 15 years and tried to stop smoking on my own too many times to count. I started as a closet smoker and over the years worked my way up to over a pack a day. Smoking was a stress reliever and my escape from work and family. One day, I saw a special on Groupon and figured I had nothing to lose and it turned out to be the best decision ever. I have been smoke free for over 9 months and I have never felt better. If you attend the sessions and make a commitment to stop, it will work for you. In the beginning, I thought of smoking often but each day it was easier and easier. By the time I completed the sessions, I knew there was no turning back. I was concerned that when faced with my triggers, I would fall back into the habit but I have not faltered! I don’t even think about it. Now, my family and close friends cannot believe that I am still smoke free and I owe it all to Haven! Thanks Haven for helping me find my way."

~~Yvonne A.

 A New Leaf Hypnosis worked for me!  I became a closet smoker as an adult and smoked for six years.  I desperately wanted to quit, but needed some assistance and did not want to use the patch or other items that still contained nicotine.  I found A New Leaf on Groupon and decided to give it a try.  Haven has a wonderfully relaxing voice and provided a healing environment to start kicking the habit.  Through some guided imagery and positive affirmations, I had pictures and phrases that really stuck with me and helped on a day to day basis with cravings, moodiness, and a surprising amount of anger!  When you first quit smoking, it's like losing a friend (albeit, a really unhealthy friend).  Sure, you can slap a patch on, or eat nicotine lozenges and while they help with physical cravings, the mental part was the hardest and needed the most attention.  For me, Haven helped mentally break through all the excuses of smoking, and address the negative emotions associated with why I started in the first place.  For the first few days and weeks, when I wanted light up, I would recall her gentle voice guiding me to my happy place, helping me to picture myself still enjoying my coffee, drive to work, sitting outside, a cocktail, etc, WITHOUT associating it with having a smoke.  It's almost been a year, and I've remained smoke-free.  I'm so happy and thankful to have tried hypnosis, it really works!  Thank you, Haven!

~~Rochelle R.

To find out what all the fuss is about, make your appointment today and I promise I will do my best to give you an awesome experience!  You can see my availability here.

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