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Reiki For Many Reasons

Reiki Virginia Beach

An Ancient Hands-on Healing Technique, which is once again becoming known and popular in our modern age.

Reiki… Considered a gift of the Universe, which has always been there for us to utilize, is a simple technique that’s easy to learn and which can provide real enrichment to your everyday life.

A person may wish to receive Reiki for many reasons, but whatever the reason… Reiki will facilitate the healing of physical conditions by augmenting one’s immune system’s functioning, promote circulation of oxygen and nutrients to an area needing healing, or reduce pain and swelling. One may also seek Reiki for the healing of mental, emotional and spiritual issues and traumas. Still others have never experienced Reiki before and are curious about it.

Reiki is a natural way to self-healing or the healing of others. If used every day will contribute appreciably to the renewal of vital energy to give one a sense of mental or physical well- being. Your own energy is never used, but the flow of Universal Life Energy is. It flows through you much like a hollow straw, and then is utilized by ‘ones’ intention for healing, and the body’s own innate wisdom for knowing what needs to be healed.

There are basically 2 approaches to transmitting Reiki. The first one is ‘remote’ wherein Reiki is sent across space and time to a recipient not physically present. The second approach is ‘Hands-on’, in which you place your hands physically upon yourself or someone else. This latter approach is described below.

‘Hands- on’ Reiki usually begins with the recipient being in a sitting position, or preferably lying face up on a comfortable surface, fully clothed, and in a quiet, private area. You do not have to do anything or attempt to make something happen. Just gently place your hands on or a few inches above the intended area. The scanning technique to sense where energy for healing is needed may be used.

There is no pressure, manipulation, or massaging of the body, and during the session the recipient may very quickly become quite relaxed, and may even fall asleep. Many people report feeling a sensation of warmth or tingling as the energy moves through their body. Some experience (but not limited to) emotions, memories, insights, or see colors. If nothing is felt… its OK, the energy is still being sent.

After receiving Reiki many people remark that they feel as if they just awoke from a deep sleep. A few minutes later they feel alert, refreshed, energized, balanced and relaxed. This feeling can last a few days after a single session, depending upon one’s daily regime and stress levels. Many people report sleeping better and experience rapid improvement in areas needing healing.

For chronic, long-term problems, it is recommended you receive a one-hour Reiki session three days in a row. This allows a greater buildup of energy for healing a problem that has been present for months or years. You may experience a brief aggravation of symptoms, or a ‘cleansing’ period following the 3 days of Reiki sessions. Then a weekly one-hour Reiki session until the initial problem or symptom has cleared is recommend. The recipient will know when this occurs. It’s important to be aware of behaviors that have caused or aggravated the initial problem, and to make healthy changes to omit those behaviors.

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