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Soul Journeys

Soul JourneysSoul Journeys include Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy Sessions and are often life changing.  Both are now available at A New Leaf Hypnosis in Virginia Beach.  I've been conducting Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy for years but have only recently been conducting LBL hypnotherapy sessions, similar to those described in Michael Newton's books.

Here you can read about some of my client's Past Life and Life Between Lives experiences while in a deep state of hypnosis.

What Are the Benefits to a Past Life or LBL Hypnotherapy Session?

Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression can provide insight and meaning to some of the challenges you may be experiencing in your present incarnation.  Distress in many forms will often be cleared as you discover the root of these issues in a past life.  The vast majority of people I regress to a past life will find that they lived an ordinary life, with its own unique challenges, difficulties and sometimes traumas.  It is by examining and coming to a holistic understanding of these past experiences which bring healing into the current lifetime.  An added benefit is a deep abiding "knowing" that we are more than just our bodies and minds.  We are eternal evolving souls, on a unique journey with specific goals and interests that carry over from lifetime to lifetime.  While it's one thing to believe in an eternal soul, it is quite another to experience that first hand.  Imagine the impact of living this life with the certain knowledge that there is much more to come.  This knowledge is often freeing and clients may feel open to position themselves to live life more fully, knowing that you "don't only go around once".

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

A Life Between Lives session is an intense and lengthy process, but the investment in both time and money is well worth the lifelong opportunities for healing and growth.  During a LBL session, you can expect to be regressed to your most recent incarnation, where you will have an opportunity to experience a brief Past Life Regression.  We will stop momentarily at several impactful times in this past life, and move on to the death experience.  It is this death experience which acts as a springboard into the spiritual realm, or life between lives.  From this point forward, the possibilities are endless as to who you may encounter or what you may experience or learn.  Most souls are greeted by their own personal soul guide from the moment they enter the spiritual realm.  There is an opportunity for a loving, compassionate life review with a Council or Group of Elders or Wise Souls, chosen specifically for you.  During your review you may also make decisions on what aspects of your life might need attention in order to help you mature spiritually.  Most souls will want to meet with their soul group, the souls they will return to after each life.  These groups are loving, supportive and encouraging.  Often your soul group members will take on different "roles" in an upcoming incarnation, which you may discuss with them at length.  Soul members are very close and you may experience this reunion as a sort of "coming home."  There are other "stations" of note which you may find yourself visiting on your journey.  For more information, I highly recommend the series of books by Michael Newton, the first of which is Journey of Souls.

For more information about these sessions, please visit my website devoted to these powerful experiences at pastlifebetweenlivesvb.com . All sessions are individual and a recording of your session will be available.

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