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I Know that Money Doesn't Really Grow on Trees

So I want to offer affordable prices - I believe cost should not be the reason that you can't get help. If you are struggling with anxiety / fears and you can't afford my prices, please let me know and I will work with your budget. I also want you to know that you will never be asked upfront to choose or pay for a multiple session program. For most protocols, the first session will cost $65.00 and you can decide after that session whether you want to proceed.

One 90 minute session - $65.00

Three 60 - 90 minute sessions - $150.00 (payable as first session at $65.00 and sessions two and three at 42.50 each

Five 60 - 90 minute sessions - $225.00 (payable as first session at $65.00 and $40.00 each for remaining four sessions

Smoking Cessation Protocol

Smoking Cessation - Following a free in office consultation, the cost is a $400 up front payment which includes initial 3 hour session, a final 1 hour session (designed to make this a permanent change), and up to 3 additional sessions per month for 6 months. (Note: If, after the first 3 hour session you decide this is not for you, you owe $150.00 ($50.00 / hour).

Virtual Gastric Band Protocol (total four sessions plus extras) - $225 payable as: $75 for first 2 hour session and $50 for each remaining 60 - 90 minute sessions

Past Life Regression (3- 4 hours) - $125

Journey Between Lives [JBL] ( 3 - 6 hours) - $225

Take advantage of these special prices until December 31st 2020! Don't let lack of funds keep you from achieving your goals. You're worth the investment.

I accept cash or card.

Note: If you are coming to me for debilitating fears and worries you can request a free consultation during which we will discuss your concerns and I will work with your budget. I spent years in a constant state of fear and I know how terrifying that can be. For this reason I am passionate about helping people with these issues and I don't want anyone to not be able to get help due to lack of funds.

Questions about pricing? Call 757-514-1415 to discuss pricing or use the contact form below.


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